China best CZPTLgmg Truck Spare Parts Gear Drive 12jsd160t-1707030 worm and wheel gear

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Item  Drive Gear  Part number  12JSD160T-1707030
Color Grey  Application  Gearbox 
 Size  25*25*10CM Certification ISO9 Price 21-50 PCS USD 50.00
shipping  Express , by air, by sea Port HangZhou 


Q1: Can you also supply Heavy Truck parts?
A1: Yes, We specialize in Sinotruk, Shacman, such as HOWO, CHINAMFG F3000,F2000, etc.

Q2: What’s the MOQ?
A2: Usually MOQ is according to different products,5 -10PCS/model for stock items.

Q3: What’s the delivery time?
A3: It takes 5-7 days if there is stock, and takes 1 month if there is no stock.

Q4: What’s the payment term?
A4: All by T/T, 30% in advance, 70% balance before shipping; option: L/C at sight.

Q5: What’s the packaging?
A5: Neutral packing or customer make packing
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Application: Car
Layout: Cycloidal
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Oscillating Base Type
Step: Double-Step
Parts Name: Gear Drive
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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gear drive

How do gear drives handle heavy loads and high torque?

Gear drives are designed to handle heavy loads and high torque in various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Gear Geometry:

– Gear drives utilize specific gear geometries to handle heavy loads and high torque.

– The shape and size of gear teeth, such as involute profiles, are optimized to distribute the load evenly across the gear face.

– Gear teeth are designed with appropriate strength and thickness to withstand the forces and torque applied during operation.

2. Material Selection:

– Gear drives are typically made from high-strength materials, such as hardened steel or alloy steels, to withstand heavy loads and high torque.

– These materials offer excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, hardness, and fatigue resistance.

– The selection of appropriate materials ensures the gear drives can handle the required load and torque without deformation or failure.

3. Gear Size and Ratio:

– Gear drives can handle heavy loads and high torque by optimizing the gear size and gear ratio.

– Increasing the size of the gears, including the diameter and width of the gear teeth, enhances their load-carrying capacity.

– Choosing the appropriate gear ratio allows for torque multiplication, enabling the gear drive to handle higher torque requirements.

4. Lubrication and Cooling:

– Effective lubrication is crucial for gear drives to handle heavy loads and high torque.

– Lubricants reduce friction between gear teeth, minimizing wear and heat generation.

– Proper lubrication also helps dissipate heat, preventing excessive temperature rise that can affect gear performance and integrity.

5. Gear Tooth Profile and Tooth Contact:

– Gear drives employ specific tooth profiles, such as involute or helical gears, to optimize load distribution and tooth contact.

– These profiles ensure that the load is distributed across multiple teeth, reducing stress concentration on individual teeth.

– Additionally, gear drives may incorporate modifications, such as crowning or tip relief, to improve tooth contact and minimize edge loading.

6. Structural Reinforcements:

– In applications with exceptionally heavy loads and high torque, gear drives may incorporate structural reinforcements.

– Reinforcements, such as additional support bearings, rigid housings, or bracing, enhance the overall strength and rigidity of the gear drive system.

– These reinforcements help distribute the load and torque more effectively and prevent excessive deflection or misalignment.

By employing appropriate gear geometry, selecting high-strength materials, optimizing gear size and ratio, ensuring effective lubrication, and incorporating tooth profile enhancements and structural reinforcements, gear drives can handle heavy loads and high torque. These design considerations enable gear drives to reliably transmit power and withstand the demanding operating conditions in various industrial, automotive, and machinery applications.

gear drive

What is the expected lifespan of a typical gear drive?

The expected lifespan of a typical gear drive can vary depending on various factors. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Design and Manufacturing Quality:

– The design and manufacturing quality of the gear drive significantly impact its lifespan.

– Well-designed gear drives with precise manufacturing processes tend to have longer lifespans.

2. Load and Operating Conditions:

– The magnitude and nature of the load applied to the gear drive, as well as the operating conditions, affect its lifespan.

– Heavy loads, high speeds, and harsh operating environments can potentially reduce the gear drive’s lifespan.

3. Lubrication and Maintenance:

– Proper lubrication and regular maintenance are crucial for extending the lifespan of a gear drive.

– Adequate lubrication reduces friction and wear, while timely maintenance allows for the detection and resolution of potential issues.

4. Material Selection:

– The choice of materials used in the gear drive construction impacts its lifespan.

– High-quality and durable materials, such as hardened alloy steels, can enhance the gear drive’s longevity.

5. Operating Time and Duty Cycle:

– The total operating time and duty cycle of the gear drive influence its lifespan.

– Gear drives subjected to continuous or frequent operation may experience more wear and fatigue, potentially shortening their lifespan.

6. Maintenance Practices:

– The effectiveness of maintenance practices, including inspections, lubricant replacement, and component replacements, can significantly impact the gear drive’s lifespan.

– Regular and proactive maintenance can help identify and address potential issues before they lead to catastrophic failure.

7. Application-Specific Factors:

– The specific application requirements and environmental factors unique to each gear drive installation can influence its lifespan.

– Factors such as shock loads, temperature variations, and exposure to contaminants can affect the gear drive’s durability.

Considering these factors, the expected lifespan of a typical gear drive can range from several years to several decades. In industrial applications, gear drives are often designed with an intended lifespan of 10 to 20 years under normal operating conditions and proper maintenance practices. However, it’s important to note that unexpected conditions, inadequate maintenance, or excessive wear can shorten the actual lifespan of a gear drive.

gear drive

What materials are commonly used in the manufacturing of gear drives?

When it comes to the manufacturing of gear drives, various materials are commonly used based on their specific properties and suitability for the application. Here’s a detailed explanation of some commonly used materials:

1. Steel:

– Steel is one of the most widely used materials for gear manufacturing.

– It offers excellent strength, durability, and wear resistance.

– Different types of steel, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel, may be used depending on the application requirements.

– Steel gears are commonly found in industrial machinery, automotive transmissions, and heavy-duty applications.

2. Cast Iron:

– Cast iron is another popular material for gear drives.

– It provides good strength, wear resistance, and damping properties.

– Cast iron gears are often used in applications that require high loads and shock absorption, such as in heavy machinery and gearboxes.

3. Bronze:

– Bronze, specifically phosphor bronze, is commonly used for gear manufacturing.

– Bronze offers good wear resistance, low friction, and excellent self-lubricating properties.

– It is often used in applications where quiet operation and resistance to galling or seizing are important, such as in small gearboxes and precision equipment.

4. Plastics:

– Plastics, such as nylon (polyamide) and acetal (polyoxymethylene), are used for manufacturing gears in certain applications.

– Plastic gears offer advantages like low noise, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, and the ability to run without external lubrication.

– They are commonly used in light-duty applications, consumer electronics, and instruments where weight reduction and cost-effectiveness are important.

5. Composite Materials:

– Composite materials, such as carbon fiber reinforced polymers, are occasionally used in high-performance gear applications.

– They offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, high stiffness, and resistance to wear and fatigue.

– Composite material gears are typically found in aerospace, motorsports, and other specialized applications where lightweight and high-performance requirements are critical.

These are just a few examples of the materials commonly used in the manufacturing of gear drives. The selection of the material depends on factors like load capacity, desired performance, operating conditions, cost considerations, and the specific requirements of the application. It’s important to choose a material that provides the necessary strength, wear resistance, and other properties to ensure reliable and efficient gear operation.

China best CZPTLgmg Truck Spare Parts Gear Drive 12jsd160t-1707030 worm and wheel gearChina best CZPTLgmg Truck Spare Parts Gear Drive 12jsd160t-1707030 worm and wheel gear
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