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Ever-Power Group is a DC geared motor, precision planetary reducer, AC geared motor, AC geared motor, DC servo motor, permanent magnet DC motor, rare earth permanent magnet motor, DC geared motor, A professional manufacturer of brush motors and DC tachometer units.The series of products are Advanced technology, High technology, and Reliable Quality products.
  Ever-Power series motor products have continuous operation of ordinary DC motors and high-precision control of servo motors.It also has the advantages of small size, light weight, sensitive action response, large load capacity, wide speed range, and low low-speed fluctuations.Has been widely used: CNC machine tools, printing, textiles, spinning and dyeing, food packaging, electrical (communication cables, optical fiber cables), EDM, rubber and plastics, extruders, electronic testing machines, woodworking, metal vertical, horizontal belts Sawing machines, welding and cutting, steel cord, radar tracking, electric bicycles, Ministry of Railways and other industries are used in machinery and equipment.This series of products can be coaxially assembled: high-sensitivity tachometer generators, photoelectric encoders, electromagnetic brakes, and various servo control (the main circuit is thyristor, pulse width) speed governors form a more complete servo system or feedback element.Our factory cooperates with domestic DC power supply research institutes, and can provide mechatronics products according to different needs of users.
With the tenet of product quality as life and after-sales service as blood, our factory will continue to provide users with newly developed high-tech products, keep prices close to users, and serve them with a marketing strategy of mutual benefit and common development.Welcome new and old users to adopt, inquire, order, special specifications can be developed according to user needs.

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