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The form and prevention of tooth failure of planetary reducer

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  The gear is an important part of the planetary reducer, and it is even related to the efficiency of the equipment. This also means that if the accessory fails, the use of the equipment will definitely decline. Therefore, in the use of the equipment In the process, we need to understand the failure modes and prevention methods of equipment gears to ensure the use of equipment.
  XNUMX. Common forms of gear tooth failure of planetary reducer include: broken gear teeth and damage to the tooth surface.Gear tooth fracture generally occurs at the tooth root, because the bending stress at the tooth root is large and there is stress concentration.The damage of the tooth surface can be divided into fatigue pitting, abrasive wear, bonding and plastic deformation of the tooth surface.
  XNUMX. Measures to prevent gear tooth failure include: increasing tooth surface hardness and surface roughness requirements; selecting lubricants with higher viscosity; supplying sufficient lubricants and keeping lubricants clean; avoiding frequent starts and severe overloads and shocks; Improve assembly quality and strengthen maintenance management.
  The form of the planetary reducer gear failure is mainly caused by long use time and increased wear. Therefore, it is very important to check the equipment regularly in daily use. Moreover, the composition of the equipment is combined with a variety of accessories, so do the relevant The maintenance and inspection can also ensure the use of the overall equipment, thereby effectively improving the efficiency of the equipment.

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