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Requirements for testing of planetary reducer

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  Before any mechanical equipment is operated, a certain test and inspection work is required. The planetary reducer equipment naturally needs to perform similar work during the operation.Only when the equipment is qualified in the test can it be put into use, then the test under what conditions can confirm the normality of the equipment.
  1. There must be no looseness in all connectors and fasteners;
  2. There should be no oil leakage or oil leakage at each sealing place and butt joint;
  3. The planetary reducer should run smoothly and normally, without shock and vibration;
  4. The surface temperature of the planetary reducer should be within the normal range;
  5. For the continuously working Tianji planetary reducer, the load test must not be less than 2 hours under the condition of rated load revolution, the temperature of lubricating oil must not be higher than 35℃, and the temperature of bearing must not be higher than 40℃.
  For the planetary reducer equipment, the several tests that need to be carried out before the operation are relatively simple. In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, we should be careful when testing the planetary reducer to avoid other problems during later use. malfunction.

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