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Planetary reducer manufacturers introduce the heat dissipation method of the equipment

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  The temperature of the planetary reducer equipment will increase correspondingly during long-term operation. If the temperature of the equipment is too high, it will cause certain damage to the equipment and the operators.Therefore, we usually need to perform certain heat dissipation work on the equipment during use. The following editor will introduce several common heat dissipation methods for Servo Gearhead:
  1. Natural cooling: If the general box body cannot meet the heat dissipation requirements, radiating fins can be added outside the box, and the setting of the radiating fins should allow the air to circulate naturally.
  2. Fan cooling: If the natural cooling of the cabinet alone cannot meet the requirements, fan cooling can be used.
  3. Water cooling: Servo Gearhead's oil pool is equipped with a serpentine water pipe. The serpentine water pipe is generally made of copper or brass. Cooling water is passed through the pipe. The cooling water takes away a part of the wind heat of the lubricating oil.
  When the planetary reducer is working, the working temperature of the lubricating oil should not exceed 90 degrees Celsius.If the temperature is too high, the physical and chemical properties of the oil will change.And the viscosity of the lubricating oil is reduced, and the bearing capacity of the lubricating oil film is reduced, which may eventually lead to direct contact of the working tooth surface and tooth surface gluing.

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