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Improved method of Servo Gearhead shaft seal

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  In order to reduce the workload of Servo Gearhead and simplify the installation procedure, we designed a split end cover and tried open oil seals. The outer side of the split end cover was machined with grooves. For Servo Gearhead static sealing points Leakage can be improved by adopting new sealing materials to plug the shaft seal.
  05. Improved Servo Gearhead shaft seal whose output shaft is half shaft.The output shaft of Servo Gearhead for full-shaft transmission has no coupling, and the workload is too large to be realistic. When Servo Gearhead is overhauled, apply DXNUMX silicone rubber sealant on the joint surface and end cover instead of earlier products. When installing the oil seal, first take out the spring, saw the oil seal and cut it into an opening, and put the oil seal on the shaft from the opening, and Butt the opening with the adhesive, the opening is upward, then install the spring and push in the end cap.Generally, there will be no leakage.If the static seal point of Servo Gearhead leaks oil during operation, the oil surface emergency repair agent of surface engineering technology can be used to stick and block, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating oil leakage.
  XNUMX. Improved Servo Gearhead shaft seal whose output shaft is a complete shaft.The Servo Gearhead output shafts of most equipment such as belt conveyors, screw unloaders, and impeller coal feeders are semi-shafts, which are convenient for modification.Disassemble the Servo Gearhead, remove the coupling, take out the Servo Gearhead shaft seal end cover, machine the groove on the outside of the original end cover according to the size of the supporting frame oil seal, install the frame oil seal, and the side with the spring is inward.
  The above is the improvement method of Servo Gearhead shaft seal. When Servo Gearhead is reinstalled, if the end cover is more than 35mm from the inner end face of the coupling, a spare oil seal can be installed on the shaft outside the end cover. Once the oil seal fails, the damaged one can be removed. Oil seal, push the spare oil seal into the end cover, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming and laborious processes such as disassembling the Servo Gearhead and disassembling the coupling.

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