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Servo Gearhead's reducer classification introduction

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  The reducer will be used to reduce its auxiliary use during use, and the use of Servo Gearhead is no exception, but everyone does not understand the use and classification of reducers, so in order to let the public better understand the equipment, Let me introduce you.
  When selecting a Servo Gearhead reducer, you should compare the outline size, transmission efficiency, load-carrying capacity, quality, price, etc. of different types and varieties of reducers according to the selection conditions of the working machine, technical parameters, performance of the power machine, economy and other factors. Suitable reducer.
   The load status of the working machine connected with the Servo Gearhead and the reducer is relatively complicated, which has a great influence on the reducer. It is an important factor in the selection and calculation of the reducer. The load status of the reducer is the load status of the working machine (slave motor). There are three categories: ①—uniform load, ②—medium impact load, ③—strong impact load. These three different types of reducer types need to be selected according to different targets.
  In order to better play the role of the reducer in the reducer of Servo Gearhead, when selecting the reducer, it is necessary to make a reasonable choice according to the environment we are going to use. The type of reducer is different, both in terms of quality and performance. Different, so the suitable fields are also different.

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