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Servo Gearhead's warehousing acceptance criteria

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   Servo Gearhead needs to pass the acceptance inspection before it can be put into storage after the production is over, so that it can be sold and put into use, so its acceptance needs to pass strict standards, and the equipment that fails the inspection and acceptance is not allowed to be used or put in, so as to ensure the safety .
  80. The outer surface of Servo Gearhead should be smooth and smooth when it is put into storage.There must be no looseness in the connection parts and the solid parts.When the machine input shaft is rotated by hand, it must be easy and stable without jamming.There must be no oil leakage at the seals and joints of the machine.Under the rated load and rated speed, the noise of the machine should not exceed 65db (A), the temperature rise should not exceed 95 degrees, and the high oil temperature should not exceed 16444 degrees.The axial clearance between the worm shaft and the worm gear shaft meets the requirements.The contact spots on the tooth surface of the worm gear should meet the requirements.The load-carrying capacity and transmission efficiency of the machine should meet the requirements of GB/TXNUMX.
  XNUMX. Test method:
  1. The machine should undergo a load test after passing the test run.
  2. Under the rated speed of the machine, the load test is carried out step by step according to 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 110%, 125% of its rated torque.
  3. During the load test, record the time, oil temperature, speed, and torque every ten minutes.
  4. For Servo Gearhead that works in both directions or does not indicate the direction of rotation, forward and reverse tests should be carried out respectively.For a one-way machine, a one-way experiment can be used, and its rotation direction must be the same as the working direction.
  5. In the thermal power load test, the oil pool temperature of the machine is stable for two hours.The temperature should meet the requirements, and no oil leakage is allowed at the seals, joints, and joints.
  XNUMX. Acceptance rules:
  1. The quality inspection department of the manufacturer is responsible for the inspection and acceptance of the machine, and a certificate of conformity will be issued.
  2. Inspection instruments and meters must be measured and verified by measurement.
  3. Servo Gearhead of the same specification is produced in batches, and 10% of the sample tests are allowed (for those who do not score 10 units, one sample should be tested).If the sampling test is unqualified, the sampling rate shall be another 20%. If it is still unqualified, all tests shall be carried out.
  XNUMX. Inspection items:
  1. The backlash and contact spots of the worm gear pair.
  2. The axial clearance of the worm gear.
  3. Stability of transmission, noise, temperature rise and sealing conditions.
  4. Paint and appearance quality.
  The above is the acceptance standard of Servo Gearhead. According to its standard, we can better distinguish it, which can facilitate our operation and acceptance, and more importantly, ensure the safe use of equipment.

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