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Servo Gearhead's bracket selection

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  It is reported that in the process of using Servo Gearhead, it is necessary to rely on the support for the auxiliary operation of the equipment, but in order to give full play to its support, it is very important to choose the support reasonably.
   In principle, Servo Gearhead installation is based on the size of the Servo Gearhead output shaft diameter to determine the reducer bracket model. As long as the interface type and size match, the reducer output shaft size can be floated up and down within a certain range.
  Selection of reduction frame.In principle, the frame model is determined according to the size of the output shaft diameter of the reducer. As long as the interface type and size are consistent, the output shaft of the reducer can float up and down the frame model within a certain range.If the frame with connecting plate is selected, when the installation size of the reducer does not match the frame, our factory can adjust the connection between the connecting plate and the reducer within a certain range to meet user requirements.
  No fulcrum machine is strengthened.The machine strengthens itself without shaft support points.The stirring shaft uses the two supporting bearings of the Servo Gearhead output shaft as the force fulcrum, which can be used to transmit small power, not or only subjected to a small axial load, and a stirring device that is not too strong.The connection between the stirring shaft and the reducer must be a rigid coupling, especially the JQ type jacket coupling or the SF type three-part coupling is better.
  The above is, Servo Gearhead's bracket selection standard, according to the above selection, the quality of the equipment bracket can be better guaranteed, thereby reducing equipment failures and ensuring the efficiency of the equipment in the enterprise.

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