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Cooling method of Servo Gearhead

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   Servo Gearhead often has internal parts heating up during long-term operation, which will cause the loss of internal parts of the equipment and reduce the efficiency of use. At this time, in order to ensure the use of the equipment, we need to cool down the equipment in time. , Common cooling methods are:
  XNUMX. Fan heat dissipation.
  1. It is easy to use the fan to dissipate heat and the operation is very convenient.
  2. This cooling method is not suitable for use in coal mines and other environments to dissipate the gearbox, otherwise it will pollute the surrounding working environment and mechanical equipment.
  XNUMX. Water-cooled coil.
  1. The pipeline installed at the bottom of the gear box and passing through the cooling water can effectively increase the thermal conductivity, reduce the oil temperature, and increase the thermal power.
  2. The heat dissipation structure of the water-cooled coil is limited by the installation space in the reducer box, and the coil length of the coil cannot be very long, so its heat dissipation effect is limited.The advantages are simple structure, convenient installation, better heat dissipation effect and easy serialization.
  XNUMX. External lubrication.
  1. This cooling method means that an air-cooled or water-cooled device is installed outside Servo Gearhead to cool the lubricating oil in Servo Gearhead, and the cooled lubricating oil returns to Servo Gearhead for lubrication. External lubrication is mainly used for large-scale lubrication. It is used when cooling under power or when the ambient temperature is high.
  2. The advantage of external lubrication is that the cooling effect is good, and the life of the lubricating oil is long. The disadvantage is that the number of control points is increased, which also greatly increases the probability of accidents.
  The above three are common cooling methods of Servo Gearhead. In terms of method selection, we can choose a reasonable method according to the use of the equipment, so as to ensure the cooling effect and convenient operation of the equipment.
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