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Problems caused by improper use of Servo Gearhead during the break-in period

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  No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, it needs to be run-in before it is put into use. The quality of the run-in will directly affect the service life of the equipment, and improper use during the run-in period will also have a certain impact on the equipment.So, what problems will the Servo Gearhead cause if it is used improperly during the running-in period?
  (1) Poor lubrication. Due to the small fit clearance of newly assembled parts, and due to assembly and other reasons, it is difficult for lubricating oil to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear.As a result, the lubrication efficiency is reduced, causing abnormal early wear of Servo Gearhead components, and in severe cases, it may cause scratches or seizures on the mating friction surface, leading to failures.
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  (2) The wear speed is fast. Due to the influence of the new hard tooth surface Jiangsu Ji, non-standard Servo Gearhead parts processing, assembly and debugging, the matching contact area is small, and the required torque is large.During its operation, the uneven parts on the surface of the parts will jointly rub against each other, and the metal scraps that fall off will serve as abrasives and continue to participate in the friction, further accelerating the wear of the mating surface of the parts.
  The problems caused by improper use of Servo Gearhead during the running-in period have been introduced to everyone. Relatively speaking, it is relatively simple. However, in order to ensure the later use of the equipment, you must pay attention to its use during the running-in period to avoid improper use. And cause other problems.
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