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Skeleton oil seal of planetary reducer

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  The planetary reducer is composed of multiple accessories, of which the skeleton oil seal is one of them, but many users do not understand the function of these accessories, so in order to facilitate everyone's understanding, the skeleton oil seal will be introduced next.
  The skeleton oil seal is mainly sealed by a spring ring.The screw jack causes a moderate axial force on the shaft diameter. In addition, it can automatically compensate for damage to the lip.To ensure that the lip has excellent sealing performance.
  The skeleton oil seal belongs to the touch type seal, which has simple structure, small and compact installation parts, and good sealing performance.It has a certain ability to adapt to the vibration of the equipment and the axial force of the shaft diameter.However, the standard tolerance of shaft diameter, oil seal hole groove, roughness and shaft surface strength (heat treatment process) are relatively high.In addition, factors such as the viscosity of the grease, the oil product and the operating temperature of the machine and equipment are all harmful to the actual sealing effect and service life of the oil seal.In addition, common tools must be used to ensure that the lip is not deformed when installing the oil seal, and the processing technology requirements are relatively high.At this stage, the specifications of oil seals are relatively large, but the quality of most products is relatively weak.The life span is short.Even if the imported skeleton oil seal is selected, the service life is only about 2 years, which usually occurs before the reducer maintenance period (usually 3-5 years). The oil seal has long been damaged and has lost its sealing effect.
  The cost of simply removing and replacing the skeleton oil seal is usually several times or even ten times higher than the price of the oil seal itself.The other element that cannot be prevented is that when installing some couplings with light load or over-coupling (mutually large distance), hot packaging methods (heating in the furnace or baking with cutting torches) are common nowadays. To 200-300℃.Even higher.There is no doubt that after the coupling is installed (because the interval is small), the oil seal lip will be deformed and melted due to heat, and the sealing effect will be lost.
  The above is the introduction about the skeleton oil seal of the planetary reducer. According to the introduction, it can be convenient for users to use, so as to reduce equipment failures and effectively improve the efficiency of the equipment.

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